single use syringe, 3-part, luer-lock - dicoNEX sterile

Manufacturer: Zarys


  • available in transparent and amber type
  • transparent barrel (or transparent barrel with an amber tint) made of polypropylene allowing perfect visualization of the content
  • green or white contrasting plunger
  • luer-lock nozzle
  • sealing in the form of a double ring on a plunger stopper situated on the top of plunger
  • smooth plunger sliding thanks to rubber sealing
  • limitation flange securing against accidental removal of the plunger
  • name of the syringe and manufacturer’s logo placed on the barrel
  • clear, legible and permanent black graduation facilitating dosage, adequately:  

every 0.1 ml for the volume of 3 ml
every 0.2 ml for the volume of 5 ml and 10 ml
every 0.5 ml for the volume of 20 ml 
every 1 ml for the volume of 30 ml and 50 ml

  • single-use
  • non-pirogenic, non-toxic
  • latex-free
  • DEHP-free
  • EO sterilized
  • packaging: 1 pc./blister-pack, 25/40/50/100 pcs/box


  • 3-piece syringe for intravenous,intramuscular and hypodermic injections
  • indicated for drug withdrawal/application and body fluids samples collection
  • amber type is indicated for intaking, administer of photosensitive drugs


ref. type volume cone intermediate packaging bulk packaging
003ML-3CZ-LL-BL luer-lock 3 ml centric 100 pcs/box 30 x 100 pcs
005ML-3CZ-LL-BL luer-lock 5 ml centric 100 pcs/box 24 x 100 pcs
010ML-3CZ-LL-BL luer-lock 10 ml centric 100 pcs/box 16 x 100 pcs
020ML-3CZ-LL-BL luer-lock 20 ml centric 50 pcs/box 16 x 50 pcs
030ML-3CZ-LL-BL luer-lock 30 ml centric 40 pcs/box 16 x 40 pcs
050ML-3CZ-LL-BL luer-lock 50 ml centric 25 pcs/box 16 x 25 pcs

amber type

ref. type volume cone intermediate packaging bulk packaging
50ML-3CZ-LL-B-BL luer-lock 50 ml centric 25 pcs/box 16 x 25 pcs


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